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Mini-course:"Statistical Network Analysis" Professor Olga Klopp

On May 30 – June 08 professor of The University Paris West (France) Olga Klopp read the mini-course "Statistical Network Analysis"

"Statistical Network Analysis"

The study of networks is an old problem considered almost independently in different fields: social science, computer science, statistical physics, biology. Recently   there was a considerable interest in statistics for statistical network analysis which is motivated by a number of applications. The goal of this course is to give an introduction to this topic and an overview of some recent results in this area.


➔    Introduction. The Erdös-Renyi model. The Stochastic Block Model (SBM).

➔    Analysis of the  Stochastic Block Model: estimation of labels, estimation of parameters. Extensions of the SBM.

➔    Spectral Clustering.

➔    Exact recovery in the general SBM.

➔   Graphons and non-parametric estimation. Graphex.

➔   Graph limit theory. Cut distance.

➔   Random geometric graph on a high-dimensional sphere.

➔   Uniform and preferential attachment trees.


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