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Workshop 'High-dimensional Statistics'

On July 20-21 an international workshop 'Nonparametric and High-dimensional Statistics' took place in Heidelberg, Germany. The event was organised by the Laboratory of Stochastic Analysis and its Applications, Research Training Group 'Statistical Modeling of Complex Systems and Processes' Heidelberg / Mannheim and MAThematics Center Heidelberg.

Workshop programme

Invited Speakers: 
Alexandra Carpentier (University of Potsdam),
Title: Confidence sets for matrix completion
Martin Wahl (Humboldt University, Berlin),
Title: Non-asymptotic upper bounds for the reconstruction error of PCA
Philippe Rigollet
 (Massachusetts Institute of Technology),
Title: The Statistical Seriation Problem (1)
          The Statistical Seriation Problem (2)
Yihong Wu (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign),
Title; Polynomial approximation, moment matching and optimal estimation of the unseen
Ery Arias-Castro (University of California, San Diego),
Title: The Curse of Dimensionality in Two-Sample Goodness-of-fit Testing
Nicolas Verzelen
 (INRA, Montpellier),
Title: Detection and Feature Selection in Sparse Mixture Models
Arnak Dalalyan (Ensae/Crest, Paris),
Titles: Oracle inequalities for sparse learning and estimation 1
            Oracle inequalities for sparse learning and estimation 2
Wolfgang Polonik 
(University of California, Davis),
Title: Neighborhood selection with application to social networks
Alexandre Tsybakov (Crest/Paris),
Title: Sharp minimax and adaptive variable selection